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Tool and Equipment Wish List for the New Groomer Shed

Tool and Equipment Wish List for the Nopiming Snomads New Groomer Shed

Like so many people, have you been cleaning, tidying, and organizing your garage, shed or boat house? Did you discover that over the years you have accumulated duplicates of a bunch of tools or an item or two that you bought that you thought you would use that is still in the box? Win in raffle or receive a tool for a gift that you already have?  We could use it and would GREATLY APPRECIATE receiving it as a donation to the club. 

We would appreciate the item/tool to be in excellent working order and/or in excellent condition. Any sets should be complete. For pipe wrenches, crescent wrenches, pry bars, pliers, ball pein hammers and punches/chisels we could use multiple sizes. If you have something we could use please email and PLEASE put “TOOL” in the subject line.


Shop Vac
Floor Jack and bottle jack
Hammer Chisel
Trouble light
Socket Set
Pipe wrench
Crescent wrenches
Pry bars
Pliers, vice grips, oil filter plier
Roller tool box.
Tap/Die set
Drill and bits.
Angle grinder.
Bench Vice

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