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Groomer Shed update and other news for September 16

Hello Sno-mads, We continue to make good progress on the groomer shed sheathing the east wall (back door wall) with OSB and having started on the west wall (front door wall).  We were also able to get the trim done around the large door openings in preparation for door installation.  We are awaiting confirmation that the doors have left the factory and on their way to Winnipeg.  It will be close as to whether or not they will be available for installation this weekend. The plan for this Saturday is to complete sheathing the west wall with OSB and put up Tyvek so that we can begin installing the metal walls.  As perusual, we will start at 8:00 AM. We also want to begin transitioning our commu

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Become a Member of the Nopiming Snomads Snowmobile Club The Nopiming Snomads Snowmobile Club is now offering the convenience of a 3 year Individual /Family membership for a cost of $60. Single year Individual/Family memberships are available for a cost of $25. Memberships can be paid for in three convenient ways. 1. Paypal Please visit the Nopiming Snomads Snowmobile Club website at www.nopimingsnomads.com Click the membership form under “Via Paypal” complete, then return to Membership page and you can click on Paypal option. You do not need a Paypal account you can simply use your credit card. 2. E-Transfer This is a TWO STEP process. First, E-transfer funds for either a 1 or 3 year membe

Groomer Shed Update for September 7, 2020

Just when we thought that things couldn't get any better in terms of volunteer support and building progress, we went and outdid ourselves this past Saturday.  Once again we had 12 volunteers show up Saturday morning to help sheath the south wall and complete the challenging task of installing the metal roof.  We had the perfect morning with mild temperatures and very little wind to blow around the 25' 4 " foot long metal sheets.  It took us a little longer than we would have liked working until 2:00 PM, but everyone was eager to finish the job given the ideal weather conditions. There was no quitting with this group once we realized we could finish the job with an extra hour of work.  We wo

Groomer Shed Weekly Update for Sept 1

Hello once again fellow Sno-mads members, Wow, what a productive day this past Saturday! We were fortunate enough to have 12 highly motivated and experienced volunteers, which allowed us to complete strapping the roof, sheet the north wall of the building (nearest to the lodge) and half of the south wall. We were also able to complete the rough in plumbing for the bathroom and kitchen. We had 3 new volunteers join the usual cast of members, which was great to see. For some of the less experienced DIYers it was great to work alongside experienced framers, electricians, and plumbers and gain valuable building knowledge and tricks of the trade. So, if you are a DIY wannabe and want to gain

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