Groomer Shed Weekly Update for Sept 1

Hello once again fellow Sno-mads members,

Wow, what a productive day this past Saturday! We were fortunate enough to have 12 highly motivated and experienced volunteers, which allowed us to complete strapping the roof, sheet the north wall of the building (nearest to the lodge) and half of the south wall. We were also able to complete the rough in plumbing for the bathroom and kitchen. We had 3 new volunteers join the usual cast of members, which was great to see. For some of the less experienced DIYers it was great to work alongside experienced framers, electricians, and plumbers and gain valuable building knowledge and tricks of the trade. So, if you are a DIY wannabe and want to gain some valuable experience, you are more than welcome to come out and give us a hand as we have a great group of skilled volunteers willing to share their first hand knowledge.

This coming Saturday, we will be concentrating on sheathing the metal roof. This will be a huge milestone for us as we will finally have the building enclosed and mostly protected from future rain down pours. We plan to once again start at 8:00 AM and work until sometime between noon and 1:00 PM.

Also, we wanted to give our members a little additional insight into the size of this project. Since the official start of the groomer shed project on May 29th, our volunteer members have invested 868 hours into the project. We are approximately 50% complete on the project, so we still need to invest upwards of 1,000 volunteer hours to complete the groomer shed. It is worth noting that there were many hundreds of volunteer hours spent last year clearing the lot and leveling the site to prepare it for the groomer shed. These volunteer hours are not part of the official groomer shed project since we obtained the grant, but were instrumental in setting us up for the groomer shed project and obtaining the grant.

Our estimated budget for the groomer shed project is currently slightly over $136,000 for building material, and some minor subcontract services that cannot be done by volunteers. We have had discussion about the total building cost for insurance purposes and we have pegged the replacement cost of the building at about $250,000. Construction insurance is a requirement of the grant, not to mention a good idea for a building of this size and cost. Knowing that having anything built in Nopiming Park is very expensive as compared to building closer to the city, some members have suggested that this number is perhaps even conservative. The groomer shed project truly is a testament to the dedication and spirit of our club membership.

We are also looking for a volunteer to coordinate the Snoman raffle tickets this year for our club. If you are interested in taking on this small project, please contact Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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