Club Update for December 24, 2020

Hello members,

We continue to progress with the groomer shed having installed all the remaining drywall and the oil injector cement tank. Our focus is on getting the oil injector operational and putting the finishing touches on the groomer shed, such as taping and mudding the drywall, painting and installing the plumbing fixtures.

On Wednesday morning we got approximately 13 to 15 CM (5 to 6 inches) of fresh snowfall setting us up for a white Christmas in Nopiming Park. With the snow came much colder temperatures including strong winds. The fresh snow and colder temperatures will no doubt help us get things in shape for the upcoming snowmobile season. Although the weather seems to now be cooperating, we still have our fair share of challenges and danger spots to contend with. Also, it is important to re-iterate that our trails remain closed until such time as we are able to groom and sign the trails. You can check the interactive map on the Snoman website for trail information as some clubs may be starting to open their trails.

Below is a list of some of the areas that we are monitoring to ensure our trails are safe this year.

There are exposed rocks at the base of the Tulabi boat launch on trail 231 that are normally under the ice. With the fresh snow they will be difficult to see and could potentially cause an accident or injury.

Shinewater creek (also known as Stinky water creek to the locals) beaver dam located on trail 231 near Flanders Lake has hanging ice on the high side and running water on the low side. Hanging ice on the high side is dangerous and should be avoided.

Trail 17 has about 30 recently downed trees on the east side of Bird River that will need to be cleaned up before we can look at opening that trail. It also should be noted that the Bird River on Trail 17 is unsafe to cross so please do not attempt to cross until it is deemed safe to do so.

There are also some recently downed trees on trail 231 near the Davidson brush pile that need clean up.

There is a newly formed beaver dam north of Bird Lake on trail 230 near the old Rocky Ridge road that will need to be surveyed and a safe route developed.

Creeks or beaver ponds could have insufficient or hanging ice that may not hold the weight of a sled. If there are sled tracks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will hold the next sled or several sleds in close proximity. It is always best to check the ice with a battery operated hammer drill, axe, or chainsaw to ensure there is sufficient ice and that it is supported by water. Good clear ice consistently at a depth of 25 Centimeters (approx. 10 inches) or more supported by water should hold the weight of a sled. Be sure to check the entire length of where you intend to ride as ice conditions could change dramatically over a short distance.

We ride in some of the most beautiful and scenic terrain in the province, but there are risks during early season riding, so please stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.

Also, please note that Shane’s Shack and the Rumble Inn are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions so please do not enter any of our warm up shelters. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in staying safe.

Work on opening the trails will begin shortly after Christmas day and we would like to form a couple of work teams to see what trails 231 and 233 look like. Anyone who is available and willing to help out between December 27th and December 30th please contact Rob Martineau at 204-470-4472 or Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888.

We would like to encourage all members selling Snoman raffle tickets to get any remaining tickets sold and the money returned to Larry and Leta Lee at or 204-884-2169.

Happy Holidays,

Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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