Club Update for February 17, 2021

Hello fellow Snomads members,

Please do not attempt to use Shane’s Shelter or the Rumble Inn as they remain CLOSED due to Covid-19 restrictions.

It is safe to say that we just endured one heck of a cold spell for what seemed like an eternity. For many of us that love winter, this is not the kind of winter weather we dream about when we imagine riding along our favorite Nopiming trail.

On a positive note, all of our trails have been groomed and are in for the most part excellent condition. The groomer operator team has been working hard to make sure that our trails are consistently groomed, and ready for your riding enjoyment. It is worth noting that we are working to expand our groomer operator pool with 8 different operators grooming our trails so far this year. Noteworthy is that one of our new operators is a female, which is exciting news given that grooming has been a male dominated task in past years. Expanding the groomer operator team is important to our club’s long term survival, and we have been focused on making it a priority.

As always, be on the lookout for the groomers on our trails during the week. We had a near miss last week as an oncoming sled came within a couple of feet of making contact with the groomer blade while negotiating a corner. It is always a good practice to operate your sled thinking that there may be oncoming traffic around every corner. We have all had instances where an oncoming sled does not have control while coming around a corner, and there is a near miss. Don’t be that person, who thinks that they are the only one on the trail and drifts into the other sled’s side of the trail negotiating a corner turn.

The new groomer shop has been a blessing during this recent extreme cold period. It is highly likely that one or both groomers would not have been able to start during this cold snap. In addition, we don’t have to start the groomers hours before there are needed to make sure that the hydrostatic and hydraulic systems are sufficiently warmed up to operate properly. In case you were wondering the hydrostatic drive system is what powers the groomer’s tracks with each track having its own drive and hydraulic pump system. The hydraulic system powers the drag lift system and back wheels in addition to the groomer blade.

Another benefit of having a warm place to store our equipment is that regular maintenance such greasing axels, checking track cleats, and topping up fluids can be done in a warm and dry space. Imagine trying to perform those tasks is -35 degree Celsius weather! Also during the cold snap repairs were done to the brush bar which is used to cut branches and willows while grooming. This is definitely not something that can be done outside in the cold. It is not to say that the new shop has not been without challenges as the extreme cold weather was causing some problems with opening and closing the large bay doors.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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