Club Update for February 25, 2021

Hello fellow Snomads members,

Shane’s Shelter are Rumble Inn are LOCKED and not accessible to the general public as mandated by COVID 19 regulations.

What a change in weather patterns going from bone chilling the week before to snow melting temperatures earlier this week. The warm temperatures this past Monday took a toll on our trails as we now have some bare spots where the trail gets direct sunlight. All of our trails have been groomed this week, and we are somewhat fortunate to have gotten a little bit of new snow. Overall, our trails are still enjoyable to ride, and let’s hope we get at least a couple more weeks of good riding conditions.

Last weekend, we experienced a significant amount of traffic on trails 17 and 230 due to the nicer weather and good trail conditions. Nopiming Lodge reported that over 250 sleds stopped for gas on Friday alone. By late Saturday afternoon, the lodge was completely sold out of gas. We do not have an exact count of the number of sleds using our trails, but a conservative estimate would be well over 500 snowmobilers used our trails this past weekend. Trails 17 and 230 were not the only trails used as 231, 233, and 234 all saw a high level of traffic. It is great that our trails are being enjoyed by so many snowmobilers, but it does add extra risk in terms of potential for an accident. Luckily, no accidents were reported.

Looking at the Snoman interactive map, it appears that there are quite a few more trails not groomed this past week as the warm weather took its toll on many of the trails in and around the Winnipeg area. The Maskwa (Pine Falls) and Lee River Snow Rider clubs were able to groom this week so our trails are still accessible to many snowmobilers. With a decent forecast expected for this weekend, it is reasonable to expect that our trails will get heavy usage again this weekend, so please drive safely and get out and enjoy our scenic trail system.

As part of the Groomer Shop project, we have been fortunate enough to receive many member donations that go beyond the many volunteer’s hours that we have been fortunate enough to receive. Items such as the use of several skid steers, an excavator, scissor lift, and hand tools made the groomer shop completion a reality. In addition, we have received long term items such as a water heater, welder, air compressor, tables, and tools as donations that will have a long term benefit to our club. Thank you to all those that have made the groomer shop a reality!


Nopiming Snomads Executive

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