Club Update for February 3 rd, 2021

Hello fellow Sno-mads members,

Please do not attempt to use Shane’s Shelter or the Rumble Inn as they remain CLOSED due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Please get your Snoman tickets and money into Larry and Leta Lee as soon as possible.

What a great weekend to be outside enjoying your favorite pastime in Nopiming Park. For those of us fortunate to be here last weekend, Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us with ideal temperatures for which to get outside and spend time with those inside your Covid bubble.

For us sledders, it was great to get out and enjoy our scenic snowmobile trails. The trails were for the most part in good condition, and they will only get better as we work to fill in spots that require more snow. Our local trails (231, 233, and 234) were in really good shape as we have had several passes with our groomers. Trail 232 (Stalker trail) is being done with a Class C drag until we are confident that it is worth grooming with larger equipment. With its many exposed and jagged rocks, this trail is very hard on heavy equipment and puts us at high risk breaking either the groomer and/or the drag.

A team of 4 very dedicated members put in a long 18 hour day last Friday to push through and open up trail 230 (Moose trail). It was not without excitement as we built up an ice bridge to pass through Maskwa Creek. The last leg of the trail has a series of beaver dams that always has the potential for hanging ice. On our way back we encountered one such spot as the BR 160 had one of its tracks break through 5 inches of hanging ice and drop into about 2 feet of water and mud. Thankfully, we had our best groomers on the job, and were able to pull out the BR 160 using the BR 180. This is one of the main reasons we travel with both groomers when opening trails. There is not a lot of help readily available when you are 50 kilometers from home base.

This week, we again turned our attention to trail 17 (Wolf trail) as we have not been able to groom the entire trail with heavy equipment due to insufficient ice. Our goal is to find a workaround path and hopefully get trail 17 into the same shape as the rest.

We are finding that the new groomer shed is really more of a shop as we begin to leverage the capabilities of our new home. Not only is it climate controlled with a warm floor, it is large enough to give us space to organize tools and consumable maintenance items. Working in a dry and warm space on warm equipment is not only possible, but enjoyable. The next phase in our journey has us setting up work benches, and placing tools and maintenance consumable in easy to access and organized spots. No more searching for all the tools and parts required to perform repairs, will result in time saved and reduced frustration. We are not quite there yet, but we can see and feel the reality taking shape as we analyze our new work space for the best place to store tools, parts, and maintenance items.

If you have heavy duty shelving that could be donated to the club, it would be greatly appreciated!


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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