Club Update for March 3, 2021

Hello fellow Snomads members,

Shane’s Shelter are Rumble Inn are LOCKED and not accessible to the general public as mandated by COVID 19 regulations.

This week’s weather forecast for Nopiming Provincial Park is quite nice if you want to get outside and enjoy the warm weather, but it will not be kind to our snowmobile trails. This past Tuesday, we saw further trail erosion and by the weekend it appears that with day time highs expected to reach +8 Celsius that our snowmobile trails will most likely be done for the season.

It is unfortunate that we had such a short season as compared to prior years, but we can consider ourselves lucky that we had enough snowfall to open our trails and enjoy them while it lasted. It appears that many snowmobile clubs in the province were less fortunate, so we should count ourselves lucky that we were able to enjoy a good but short season.

Behind the scenes making our trails enjoyable to ride are the groomer maintenance, operators, and trail signing teams that volunteer their time to make it all happen. We have a great team of volunteers, but we are vulnerable in that we have less than a dozen volunteers doing the majority of the work required to open and maintain our trails.

We would love to see more of our members taking an active role in opening and maintaining our trails. For instance, each snowmobile club requires 3 active members to have the Snoman trail signing course in order to open their trails. If you guessed that we have exactly 3 members with the Snoman trail signing certification, then you would be correct. The course is on the Snoman web site and very user friendly, and would be a great way to help out the club. Please contact Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888 to chat if you have been considering how to help out the club next year.


Nopiming Snomads Executive

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