Club Update for Monday November 9, 2020

Hello members,

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge and congratulate Arnie Dietz for winning the 2020 Snoman Excellence Award for Grooming. This is a prestigious award and we are very fortunate to have such an experienced and accomplished groomer operator as part of our club. Way to go Arnie!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we had another productive week at the groomer shed. On Friday, we had a group of 4 volunteers put up the drywall on the ceiling of the mezzanine. We are now in position to be able to blow in the attic insulation for the both the high bay and mezzanine area. The contractor is scheduled to now be at the groomer shed on November 25th. Once we have insulation in the attic, we can then turn on the heated floor system which is also ready to go.

On Saturday, we had 6 socially distanced volunteers working on various building projects. One team was focused on outside lighting, while another team finished putting insulation, vapor barrier, and sheet metal on the interior west wall of the building. We were also able to work on the ventilation system required to circulate fresh air into the building. We were once again treated to a great breakfast of French toast and bacon compliments of Nopiming Lodge.

We continue to work with the building engineer and the Office of the Fire Commissioner on a final resolution to the building water pit. It appears that what we installed is not what was on the building drawings so we need to find an amicable solution that satisfies everyone involved. This does not prevent us from continuing to work on completing the majority of the building.

This week we will focus on completing the east wall insulation, vapor barrier and installing the interior sheet metal. We also need to re-attach the horizontal door rails now that we have the metal ceiling installed. Work will continue on interior lighting and electrical, and we will need to turn our attention to putting on the remaining drywall. If you are able to help out during the week or Saturday we would appreciate any help we can get.

In other news, we were finally able to get an excavator onto Osis road and replace the damaged culvert with two new culverts at the first part of Schellenberg creek, so that is one item off this year’s to do list. We are working our way to the second part of Schellenberg creek (also apparently known as Rush creek) to hopefully remove the beaver dam once we get permission from Conservation to do so. We need to address the beaver situation before we can remove the dam, but this is easier said than done as they are elusive and resourceful rodents.

The Executive met on Sunday to discuss club business and begin planning for the upcoming snowmobile season. This year we are planning for a busy season and need to be ready to quickly open our trails once we have safe ice and a sufficient accumulation of snow. Typically we can start opening trails in the latter part of December and early part of January. In order to open trails safely and efficiently we need a well-coordinated effort that has volunteers on snowmobiles packing the trail ahead of our two groomers. The volunteer group packs the trail; remove fallen trees; and sign the trail, while our two groomers follow behind with one BR pulling a packer sled, and the other BR pulling a groomer drag. This process is very efficient in opening up a trail, but requires a group of 8 to 10 volunteers. We would love to hear from you if we can help open trails, so please reach out to Rene Ritchot (204-510-1888) or Rob Martineau (204-470-4472) if you are interested.

We will be monitoring ice conditions closely and communicating trail opening plans using our website so stay tuned as winter takes hold over the next couple of months.

We have had an amazing response to our membership drive this year and we are approaching 100 members, which is very exciting. We would love to get over the 100 member plateau so if you know of anyone that would benefit from joining our club, please direct them to our website.

Speaking of successful efforts, we are also enjoying a great response to our Snoman raffle ticket sales. Larry and Leta Lee have been hard at work communicating and facilitating ticket sales, so if you would like to help out our club funding efforts please reach out to them at or 204-884-2169.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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