Club Update for November 1, 2020

Hello members,

This past week was very productive in regards to the groomer shed. We were lucky enough to have volunteers come out on Thursday and Friday as well as a good group of volunteers on Saturday.

As promised the building inspector was out this week to have a look at the building. He identified about a half dozen issues that need resolution of which all but one should be a relatively easy fix. We have one issue with the floor pit drainage system that requires further investigation/clarification. With that being said, we are able to move forward with finishing the ceiling and interior walls.

On Thursday and Friday, the volunteers focused on insulating the walls, and putting vapor barrier on the mezzanine ceiling setting us up for a big day on Saturday. We had a good crew on Saturday, which put us in a great position to tackle putting up sheet metal on the high bay ceiling (see web site pictures). We were able to have a ground crew drilling screw holes and passing up the 18’6’’ long metal sheets to the 2 crews on scaffolding and a scissor lift, who were placing the sheet metal and screwing them into position. The process worked great as we were able to get the entire high bay ceiling completed in 7 hours.

In addition, we removed the old yard pole just in front of the west side entrance door and leveled the ground in front of the door. Talk about a small job resulting in such a big improvement! Also, we should mention that we now have exterior building lighting, which the timing is good given reduced daylight this time of year.

What did not work in our favor this past week was making progress on installing new culverts on Schellenberg creek. Our excavator contractor was unable to make it Saturday due to mechanical issues, which was just as well given the horrible weather conditions. With warmer weather forecasted for this week we will attempt to put in the culverts this upcoming weekend.

We would like to enlist your support on a couple of important items!

Firstly, if you know an avid snowmobiler or a local cottager that would benefit from being a club member please reach out and direct them to our website for more information.

Secondly, we are getting a great response to our raffle ticket sales, but there are snowmobilers and cottagers that are still unaware of the opportunity to purchase tickets. If you know of someone that would like to purchase or sell Snoman raffle tickets, please have them contact Larry or Leta Lee at or 204-884-2169.

We are again working this Saturday with an 8:00 AM start. The focus for this week is dry walling the mezzanine ceiling and sheet metal on the high bay walls. We are planning on having a contractor come out the week of November 8th to blow in insulation into the attic.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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