Club Update for November 16

Hello members,

Well, what a difference a week makes during these crazy times. Last Wednesday, it was announced by the government that gatherings would be limited to family members living in the same household. We scrambled to advise our more active volunteers that groomer shed activity would be limited to a single person working in the groomer shed and one person working on the trails outside. On Thursday morning, there was new guidance that gatherings are limited to 5 people with a recommendation not to gather.

This week we managed to complete the sheet metal on the east wall and put up vapor barrier on most of the mezzanine walls. In addition, the high bay lighting was installed and more electrical work done. All this with limiting the building to two people working at opposite ends of the building. We had another two volunteers clearing trail so that the BR’s and drags can enter the groomer shed without having to back up.

Essentially work in the high bay area is complete except that we need to attach the horizontal rails for the large garage doors.

We continue to work with the building engineer on a solution for the sump pit extraction system. We are hopeful that a solution that meets the building code is forthcoming, but we may have to stop work on the building while this issue gets resolved.

Also, our work plans for the next couple of weeks remain fluid given the restrictions on gatherings. We are done with insulating the walls, and about 85% of the building has vapor barrier. One of the larger remaining task will be installing the drywall for the mezzanine and the area directly underneath the mezzanine. The attic insulation contractor is scheduled for November 25th.

We have had several volunteers step up and commit to helping us with packing the trails. We are still short a couple of volunteers and would love to hear from you. Please reach out to Rene Ritchot (204-510-1888) or Rob Martineau (204-470-4472) if you are interested.

We will be monitoring ice conditions closely and communicating trail opening plans using our website so stay tuned as winter takes hold over the next couple of months. Ice is starting to form on the lakes and ponds, but is not near anywhere safe enough to venture out onto. Please be smart and safe until ice conditions meet minimum safety requirement. The Red Cross website recommends 25 cm (approx. 10 inches) of good ice before venturing out on an ATV or snowmobile.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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