Snomads update for December 9 and clothing order form.

Nopiming Snomads Update December 9, 2021

Hello fellow Snomads,

There have been several members inquiring about ordering Sno-mads clothing. Please see the attached catalogue/order form if you are interested in ordering product with the Sno-mads logo. The order form is at the bottom of this newsletter.

It sure was nice to receive a good amount of snow in November, but the heavy snow and high winds have caused a significant number of downed trees on our trails. Trail clean up is on-going and there is likely to be trail clearing every Saturday for the foreseeable future. Contact Rene Ritchot (204-510-1888) or Rob Martineau (204-470-4472) if you are interested in helping.

Another concern with the recent snowfall is that marshes and small creeks may be covered with a thin layer of ice and lots of snow. Marshes and creeks may be unsafe to cross so please be extremely careful if you decide to use the trails. All Nopiming Sno-mads trails remain closed at this time, and you can refer to the interactive Snoman trail map for any future changes in trail status.

Our new Kubota RTV X1100C arrived several weeks ago, and it has already seen action as part of our trail clearing efforts. We are currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on the drag to pull behind the Kubota. We have been packing the south loop portion of trail 233 and with any luck will have this portion of the trail open before the holidays.

In addition, we have been able to repair the Argo’s chain drive system and shorten the tracks so the Argo is now functioning properly. The Argo is the ideal vehicle for driving through the marshes to help expose the water and vegetation to allow faster freeze up.

We still have Marks Work Warehouse 10% discount cards available, please text or call Roger at 204-771-6890 if you are interested.

A Manitoba Snoman membership card gets you certain discounts if presented (see Snoman website for details). If you would like a Snoman membership card please contact Roger.

Snoman raffle tickets were distributed at our last AGM, so if you have sold your raffle tickets, please return them to Blaine at the Nopiming Lodge as soon as possible.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

Nopiming Sno-Mads
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