Happy New Year, Club Update January 1, 2021

Happy New Year to our members and families,

Work continues on the groomer shed with progress on the oil interceptor system. The oil interceptor pit is enclosed and the system itself is ready for assembly. We also continue to tape, mud and sand the drywall and the bathroom is ready for paint. Once painted, we will be able to install the bathroom fixtures.

Although the snowfall last week was a welcomed sight, it is still very rough on the trails. It seems that we would need at least another 10 centimeters (Approx. 4 inches) before it would make sense to begin grooming. We had a group pack the snow and check ice along the south loop (trail 233) last week and the bog areas are still extremely rough to ride. Most of the spots where we checked the ice had approximately 25 centimeters (roughly 10 inches) of ice, which should easily hold a snowmobile, but still not enough to begin grooming with our larger equipment. As you may recall, we require over 40 centimeters (approx. 16 inches of ice) before we will attempt to groom any given trail.

We have begun pegging the lakes with Booster, Flanders, Stalker, Mary Jane, and Davidson complete. We still have Bird and Tulabi to complete. There is a lot of slush forming on the lakes due to the weight of last week’s snowfall, so be careful not to get stuck when going on ice where there are no tracks. Where slush has frozen over it is rough, so caution is required to maintain control of your sled.

As part of the crew working on the south loop trail last week, we checked the ice on the high side of Shinewater creek and ice has dropped and is resting on water. The ice was also about 25 centimeters thick and there are a number of snowmobile tracks where it is safe to ride. We decided to peg the creek to help guide snowmobilers as to where it is safe to cross. There is open water near the dam so stay on the trail.

We are seeing a lot of sled traffic on the lakes, so you can really help us out by packing the lake trails where we normally peg the lakes. The benefits to doing this is to expose slush and allow those spots to freeze up. We are getting reports that lake ice this week is in excess of 30 centimeters (over 12 inches), so we are inching closer to the 40 centimeters required for the groomers.

The plan for next week is to finish pegging Bird and Tulabi once the slush has frozen over and to begin signing our trails. Once the ice and snow accumulation are sufficient to groom we want to be ready to quickly open our trails. If you are able to help out next week, please contact Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888.

Also, please note that Shane’s Shack and the Rumble Inn are closed due to Covid-19 restrictions so please do not enter any of our warm up shelters. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in staying safe.

We would like to encourage all members selling Snoman raffle tickets to get any remaining tickets sold and the money returned to Larry and Leta Lee at reinalee@xplornet.ca or 204-884-2169.

Happy New Year and all the best in 2021,

Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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