Nopiming Sno-mads Update for November 18, 2022

Hello Sno-mads members

Hope you all had a wonderful summer. We are now in the middle of November and realizing there is still much to do in preparation for the upcoming snowmobile season. This is not to say that we have had a quiet spring, summer and fall, we are the club that never rests and so there is always more than one project on the go.

Earlier this year we were able to reroute a small portion of trail 230 just north of Bird Lake so that we no longer have to contend with driving over a beaver dam. The rerouted trail gave us a lot of firewood, so we had several club wood cutting and splitting events to fill up the woodshed in order to keep our 2 shelters warm this winter.

Next up on our agenda was to host the annual pig roast that has become a tradition in south Nopiming park. We affectionately called the pig roast “Blaine Day” in honor of Blaine Guenther, who was one of the club’s founding members and a huge supporter of the Nopiming Sno-mads. It is safe to say that “Blaine Day” was a huge success with 200 people attending and a whopping $6,584.00 raised to help support club operations. Many thanks to our volunteers and those of you who supported our club with donation prizes and/or attending the event. We are already looking forward to hosting next year’s pig roast!

During the summer there were also project improvements to the groomer shed as a new floor was installed in the mezzanine; a new yard gate was installed; and additional snow stops added to the roof. Many thanks to the volunteers who donated time and materials to help make these improvements happen.

We were also very fortunate to receive grant money through PrairiesCan Tourism Relief Fund Project. We submitted 3 grant proposals looking to purchase a used excavator; a brusher attachment for the excavator; and new destination signs to be posted throughout south Nopiming park.

We were able to purchase the excavator this fall and have been using it nonstop. We did have access to the excavator last year prior to purchasing it and it was used to improve a large portion of trail 231 along the Osis trail. We also used the excavator to clear a new trail just north of Bird Lake. More recently the excavator was used to rebuild the trail at the Shinewater creek beaver dam that burst this past spring and pushed the dam onto the trail. Also affectionately known as Stinkywater creek by the locals, we basically had to replace the beaver dam and put it back in its original spot. We then installed a pond leveler to help prevent excessive water build up and keep the dam from bursting again. Next up was to replace a number of culverts on trail 231 between Tulabi Lake and the old Davidson brush pile. There were several dangerous creek locations that caused severe ice damming that made it unsafe for the groomer and snowmobiles.

We have also started using the excavator brusher attachment along trail 232 starting at highway 315 near the Tulabi falls park entrance and working our way towards Stalker Lake. Our plan is to continue brushing throughout the winter by pulling the excavator on a large sleigh behind on the BR’s. Hopefully this crazy scheme works as well as we think it will. There are many volunteers that can attest that brushing with a chainsaw is time consuming and backbreaking work. Hopefully the brusher attachment significantly reduces this miserable chore.

The destination signs are ordered, and we expect to have them placed as part of our normal trail sign installation process. The destination signs are intended to give snowmobilers better information as to their current location and help them better navigate our trail system.

Also recently, we have started work to replace the tracks on the BR 160 as they are severely worn with one track having to be patched this past winter to make it through the season. Both the BR 160 and 180 have had the hydrostatic pumps and drives tested for compression and all look to be in good shape. The hydrostatic pumps and drives power the tracks, blade, and drag movement and are a key component along with the diesel engine. Speaking of diesel, the cost per liter is up significantly and has become an even larger portion of our operating budget. We will be taking a deeper dive into diesel fuel consumption to see if there are ways to make improvements.

Did you know that the Nopiming Sno-mads were recently awarded the Excellence Award for Outstanding Snowmobile Club by Snoman! A delegation from our club went to the Snoman congress in Brandon to accept the award. It was great to have founding club members Brenda Adair, Arnold Dietz, and Dave Friesen in attendance. I can tell you with certainty that Blaine Guenther was also there in spirit and in our memories. It was amazing to hear snowmobile enthusiasts from all over the province speak fondly of Blaine and share their stories.

A relatively new fundraising event this past year was spearheaded by Larry Lee. Larry has been collecting beer cans/bottles and managed to raise $650 this past year for the club. Thanks Larry!

We are looking at several fundraising events this year including a chili lunch at the groomer shed. This event will be open to all including snowmobilers from other clubs and non snowmobiling cottagers. More to come on this event. Speaking of events, we will be hosting the annual Nopiming Sno-mads poker derby on February 11th. This year’s event promises to have more community spirit with a fun day planned. More to come on this event.

We are always looking for new members and feel that there is an opportunity to get cottagers involved that enjoy being here in the winter, but don’t necessarily snowmobile. If you know anyone that fits that description, please let them know about our club and that we are much more than snowmobiling. We would love to have them join our local community!


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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