Nopiming Snomads Update for Week of November 8

"There will be no formal trail clearing activity on Saturday, November 13th.

We have not yet come across any new trail sections that require concentrated clearing. If you come across any trail sections that require a team clearing effort please contact Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888 or Rob Martineau at 204-470-4472. Also, please let us know if you have checked and cleared any trail sections recently.

We expect that as it gets colder and everything freezes that we will be able to access more of the trail and identify spots that need a team effort to clear.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to cut logs for warmup shelter firewood is welcome to do so. The logs are located next to the small club shed. Call or text Rene if you need anymore information or access to the club chainsaw.

Please check the website weekly for any new trail clearing updates."

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