Nopiming Snomads Update January 11, 2021

Hello fellow Sno-mads members,

There is no doubt that this past week has given us some beautiful weather for which to enjoy being outside. The only problem is the lack of snowfall for us snowmobilers to enjoy our favorite winter outdoor activity.

Just because there is a lack of snow it doesn’t mean that our dedicated group of volunteers have been waiting around for something to do. This past week, we have been busy pegging the remaining lakes, signing trails, and grooming using Class C drag, which is pulled with a sled, Argo, or quad with tracks.

Because we are now grooming we ask that you refrain from using ATV’s on the designated snowmobile trails. ATV’s with tires cause deep ruts on the groomed trails that make it difficult to steer a snowmobile and could cause an accident.

Our trails remain closed as there is not enough snow to cover exposed rocks and stumps. In addition, there are dangerous dips and rough bog terrain that cannot be filled in due to the lack of snow. Furthermore, the mild weather has resulted in a lot of slush on most of our lake trails. The frozen slush has resulted in some very rough areas on our lake trails, so caution is required.

If you ride the trails, please be extra cautious as there are hazards that are normally not an issue when we have sufficient snowfall to fill them in. These hazards may not yet have cautions signs to warn riders.

We have been able to groom with small equipment on trails 17, 231, 232, 233 (except to the Winnipeg River), and 234.

There are a couple of danger spots due to thin ice or open water to watch out for if you are riding our trails. Trail 17 near the end of our trail system by the old tin building west of highway 315 has thin ice. The creek is only about 5 feet wide, but it is over 3 feet deep. Sleds have crossed, but we did go through the ice with a heavier piece of equipment.

Trial 232 between Stalker Lake and highway 315 has a small creek with open water. It only about 2 feet wide and about 6 inches deep. Sleds are able to cross, but there is a risk of getting stuck in the creek.

Trail 233 to the Winnipeg River has not been groomed or signed. Ryerson creek is open and flowing. The water is not deep, but it is wide and very rocky. To our knowledge, no sleds have been able to cross thus far.

We know that we are getting very close to finishing the groomer shed because we have started painting the drywall. The oil interceptor is installed and ready for service. In total, 34 volunteers have participated in building the groomer shed donating 2,000 hours of their personal time. We had 11 volunteers donate in excess of over 50 hours each (1,600 hours total) towards the groomer shed build.

Shane’s Shelter and the Rumble Inn remain closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Don’t forget to sell your remaining Snoman raffle tickets and get them handed in!

Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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