Snomads Update for February 18, 2022

Hello fellow Sno-mads members,

Let’s start off by acknowledging how difficult this past month has been for many of us. We are not even sure how to express the pain and sorrow that we all feel given the recent passing of 2 of our beloved members. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends as we try to get through these difficult times.

It sure has been a challenge this year with all the extra brushing needed to make our trails safe. Trail 230 has been especially difficult to brush given all the hanging willows and length of this trail. Thank you to all of you that came out to do brushing this year as it took many hundreds of volunteer hours to make our trails safe and enjoyable.

As many of you already know, we are required to share a portion of trail 230, known as the Trans License Road with a mining operation. There is approximately a 10 kilometer stretch west of highway 314 where the Trans License Road has our snowmobile trail on the south side and the mining operation is using the north side of the road. Please use extreme caution on this narrow section of trail as sleds will be passing in close proximity, and there may be oncoming vehicles and mining equipment near our trails.

This has been an extraordinary year in terms of snow and ice. This has made for good snowmobile trail conditions as early as December 9th, where we started to groom trails 231, 233, and 234 with our newly acquired Kubota RTV and newly fabricated class B drag. We bought and built this equipment specifically in anticipation of being able to start grooming our trail prior to the holidays and we were not disappointed by the trail grooming results.

What is equally impressive is all of the trail work done on what is called the Osis Road (Trail 233) that provided us with the opportunity to start using our class A drags (BR 160 & 180) as early as December 29th. This allowed us to safely groom from the lodge all the way down trail 233 to the Winnipeg River, then up to Mary Jane Lake on trail 231 and back to the lodge. This gave us a 76-kilometer round trip of groomed trail using large equipment before January.

All of this can be attributed to the hard work performed by volunteers this past fall season. We got a good head start by building up the Osis Road where time and moisture had eroded the trail. The use of an excavator and skid steer allowed us to bring material back onto the trail that had eroded and remove ruts caused by off road vehicles. We were also able to add culverts in low lying areas to ensure the natural flow of water. One of the big benefits this year was to put in pond levelers on a section of trail where a three-tiered beaver dam exists. The pond levelers allow us to help control flooding and keep water off the trail that would otherwise have caused trail erosion. This was a key element in being able to use large groomers early on and stay away from dangerous hanging ice. Also, a big thank you to Conservation and Climate for working with us to help achieve a safer snowmobile trail system.

We have reviewed the results from the vote on Trail Management Proposal and we have 27 votes for “Yes” and 0 “No” votes, so it is unanimous from the membership to move forward. You may recall that our constitution requires 60% of the counted membership votes in order for a motion to be carried.

For those of you wanting to purchase Nopiming Sno-mads winter wear, don’t forget to put your order in as soon as possible. The catalogue was sent out in an earlier e-mail but is also available on the Nopiming Sno-mads website at


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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