Snomads update for October 11, 2020 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Hello fellow Sno-mads members,

Great news! The groomer shed is completely enclosed. This past Saturday we had 9 enthusiastic volunteers come out on a brisk Saturday morning and put in a solid day of effort to once again make significant progress. We managed to install all the metal trim on the buildings gable ends and side walls, and around the large groomer doors. In addition, we capped the roof’s peak with metal, and put in both the interior and exterior stairs. Also, the 2 remaining entrance doors in the rear of the building were installed.

To top off a great day, the lodge treated our volunteers to French toast and a yummy breakfast bake that gave us the energy to have such a productive day. It was probably a good idea to give the group coffee after such a good breakfast otherwise we might have lost a couple of volunteers to a post breakfast nap.

We have a functional groomer shed building, but there is still much to do. We still have to complete the electrical, heat, plumbing, vapor barrier, insulation, and interior walls/ceilings. Most of the building’s interior walls and ceiling will be metal, but the mezzanine walls and ceiling will be finished with drywall. Since the mezzanine is considered a 2nd floor it needs to be fire rated using drywall according to the building code.

This week, our groomer shed electrician Scott Campbell will be on site installing the wiring and we are looking for volunteers during the week to help out. If you are able to help, please contact Rob Martineau at 204-470-4472 or Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888. Any help is appreciated and will make wiring progress much faster. Did we mention that no experience is necessary, and is a great opportunity to learn a little more about wiring a building.

This Saturday our focus will be on finishing a couple of remaining issues before we can call the building inspector. We still need to install the mezzanine wall that overlooks the groomer shed bay area, install railing for both the interior and exterior stairs, and several other smaller tasks. In addition, we can continue to work on the new groomer area trail which is required to help the groomer and drag enter the building without having to back up to get into the building. The new trail is similar to the one done last year that allows the groomer and drag to leave the building and do a loop to get out onto the trail beside the lodge.

In other news, we received last year’s grooming payout from Snoman and the timing couldn’t have been better. We now have the necessary funds to complete the building, and put aside our normal operating funds for the 2021 grooming season. Also, we have received 60% of the allowable grant funding, but we still have to complete a 30% progress payment request before March 31st, 2021, and the remaining 10% final grant payout once the building is complete. With this additional money, we expect to be in a good position to start building up our groomer capital fund again, although we do need to set aside some funds for groomer shed equipment, such as a compressor, welder, and bench tools.

Finally, we are looking at a couple of spots along the Osis road trail (Snoman trail 233) that need to be improved. One of the culverts along the trail at Schellenberg creek has become a danger spot as the culvert protrudes way above the ground. Working with a local contractor and Conservation we hope to replace the culvert and build up the road. The other spot along Schellenberg creek that our trail crosses has been flooded by a beaver dam and the existing culvert is plugged. Working with the local trapper and Conservation we also hope to resolve this problem.

There are many beaver dams on our snowmobile trails that have been built up over time. These beaver dams pose a significant safety concern for equipment, operators, and snowmobile riders using our trail system as they cause flooding and poor ice conditions. It is especially dangerous if the water level recede leaving hanging ice, which may not support groomer equipment or snowmobiles. Our club has put together a comprehensive plan to try and resolve many of the beaver dam problems over the next couple of years. We are working closely with Conservation and local trappers to humanly eliminate the beavers and remove the dams. We ask that you refrain from trying to deal with beaver dams on your own as the club has been implicated in the past for illegally busting beaver dams. The club’s position is that we do not support or approve of busting beaver dams without following the process set out by Conservation and Climate. If you are interested in learning more about the beaver dam removal process or if you wish to help once we have permission to remove a beaver dam please contact Rene Ritchot at 204-510-1888.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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