The Nopiming Sno-mads Honor Blaine Guenther -one of our founding members and biggest supporters

It is with gratitude and admiration that members of Nopiming Sno-Mads remember and honor the sudden loss of our dear friend Blaine Guenther.   

Blaine was one of the founding members of the Nopiming Sno-Mads snowmobile club. Together with Brenda, his wife of 30 years, and good friends Arnold Dietz and Dave Friesen the Sno-Mads was born. The name ‘Nopiming Sno-Mads’ had meaning. Nopiming representing the Provincial Park, S for snow and no-mads being a member or a group of people who move from place to place.  The four began recruiting club members to develop trails that we enjoy and ride today. Blaine was not only one of the founding members but he also contributed as one of the trail developers/cleaners, a mechanic, groomer operator, equipment maintainer, builder, electrician, and served many years on the Executive. He was an event host, entertainer, and a dedicated volunteer and Sno-Mads supporter.

From the beginning Blaine put his all into the club and its operations all the while running Nopiming Lodge and raising his two sons Jesse and Dylan with his wife Brenda. Blaine’s vision for a snowmobile club never changed. Bring a community together; enjoy the outdoors, and the sport. Blaine didn’t often have time for a ride but he still managed to find time for the club in one way or another.

Blaine’s support of the club and his passion for snowmobiling in general was evident. He went above and beyond when it came to taking care of volunteers hard at work. He fed volunteers on numerous occasions which made a day of volunteering even more worthwhile. Blaine donated his time, food from the restaurant, his shop for club events and repairs of club equipment, the use of his tools, the restaurant for club meetings, prizes for club events, and so much more.

He was selfless and humble with a generosity that didn’t stop at just our club; it extended far beyond, supporting other clubs, and numerous snowmobile related and non-snowmobile events. Events such as the Ride for Rehab, TJ’s Gift Foundation, and the HD 500 received unbelievable support and donations from Nopiming Lodge.

Who can ever forget all Blaine did for the biggest and first successful Sno-Mads fundraiser. The Annual Pig Roast put on by Nopiming Lodge in support of the club. The weeks leading up to the event were a flurry of chaos, activity and panic for Blaine, staff and the Guenther family.

“Tickets aren’t selling, maybe we should cancel, it might rain, what if no one comes?” The early pig roasts took place in the area where the two chalets are located. Blaine’s gigantic bon fires were infamous! The hog was delicious along with all the fixings. It was an amazing and memorable evening for all. The pig roast has grown over the years to an event attended by people from far and wide, and everyone was welcome. As the event grew so did Blaine’s generosity. He donated numerous prizes, and he expanded the menu by adding turkeys. Yummy!

Blaine ordered and picked up the hog, bought supplies, handled tickets, supplied music, and organized the set-up of the event and clean-up the next day. He did so much more than no one even knows about and we never will. We will forever remember Blaine up on his perch, the ladder, laughing away. Oh, that unique infectious laugh! He thanked everyone for all they did and donated all the while being the biggest contributor and organizer. He would call out draw ticket numbers, crack jokes, and provide commentary. The biggest part of the pig roast was how it brought everyone together, not just the snowmobile community, but the whole community.

The Sno-Mads annual poker derby was another event Blaine donated his time, energy, shop, coffee, food, and commentary to. No matter how busy it was at the store, with serving customers, pumping gas and cooking food Blaine always made his way down to the shop to participate.

Some members may remember gathering at the lodge for “Saturday night dinners” Blaine hosted. Always the host with the most who cooked up an awesome meal and entertained all.

Then there was the March ice fishing derbies where stories were shared as to who caught the first fish, the largest and the most. Once again a great event hosted by Blaine for Sno-Mads.

Thank you Blaine for pursuing your vision to establish a club and help make Nopiming Sno-Mads the club it is today. We will forever miss you, your quick wit, unique laugh and generosity.

Rest in peace our friend knowing your vision became a reality.

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