Weekly Update for December 8

Hello members,

Good news! We are back working on the groomer shed after some time off to sort out the oil interceptor system with the OFC. We have started on the oil interceptor system in addition to completing the insulation, vapor barrier, and sheet metal/drywall interior. The building itself is now approximately 90% complete and the high bay area is done accept for electronic door openers. Our plan is to install the oil interceptor outside the east end of the building in between the two large doors. We will directional drill a 4 inch pipe under the concrete floor into the already installed sump pit. We expect this work to be completed before Christmas so it should not jeopardize the grooming season. There is a net increase of about $2k to the project putting us at about $3k over the building budget.

Also, we had 3 different teams working on the trail system this past week. Teams were limited to 2 people to stay within current COVID guidelines. One team worked on the Davidson trail going towards Tulabi Lake, while a second team worked their way towards the Winnipeg River on trail 233. The last team worked their way down trail 17 towards Peterson Creek, which is just before the old tin building. Getting out on the trails this early is critical to making sure we understand where the risks are to the groomer, such as beaver ponds and creeks. This allows us to take action before the heavy snowfall arrives to ensure we avoid these risks that are often hidden by deep snow.

Our 2 warm up shelters are currently closed due to COVID restrictions. While neither shelter is currently accessible we expect that over the next couple of weeks some members may be able to access them, so please refrain from using the warm up shelters until we are allowed to do so. Both shelters will be locked and clearly marked with a closed poster from Snoman once they are accessible. Depending on provincial restrictions over the coming weeks and months, the shelters may remain closed or may be accessible under strict conditions.

We have confirmation that Flanders and Booster Lakes have in excess of 6 inches of ice in areas. This does not mean that there are not any danger spots in areas where there is moving water such as narrows and creeks. Our trails are closed until such time as we have enough ice to groom, which is at least 16 inches of good clear blue ice. Please be smart and safe on lakes, creeks, and ponds until such time as we open our trail system to snowmobiles. Snowmobile trail status can be viewed at snoman.evtrail.com

We currently have 116 active members, which is absolutely amazing for our small club. Thank you to everyone that joined this year, and please feel free to direct potential new members to our website for more information on how to join.

All of our members are being encouraged to participate in a Manitoba government survey on trail usage. The survey is open to the public until January 15th, 2021 and takes about 20 minutes to complete. By completing the survey, respondents will have the opportunity to share their views on what they value in a recreational trail network. The web site link is


Snoman raffle tickets sales for our club have done really well this year. It is time to start thinking about getting sold tickets and money to Larry and Leta Lee at reinalee@xplornet.ca or 204-884-2169.


Nopiming Sno-mads Executive

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