Bear Trail 

Runs south from Bird Lake and loops by numerous lakes such as Osis, Birse, Marijane, Davidson, Tulabi and returning back at Bird.  The loop from Bird lake and returning back to Bird is  about 45 kms

Moose Trail

Runs North from Bird heading towards Cat Lake. From Cat Lake the trail heads West to the Maskwa's warm-up shack 29.   From Bird to shack 29 is about  65 kms

Wolf Trail

Runs West from Bird Lake towards Lee River's Anson Hut.  Nopiming Trail ends at the Tin Shack.  The distance from Bird to Anson Hut is about 36 kms

Cougar Trail

Runs from the South limit of the Bear trail then Runs South to the Winnipeg River at the Manitoba -Ontario border, where Snomads trail ends and Ontario trail begins to "One Man"  12 kms from the southern limit of the Bear  trail to the Winnipeg River.
Deer Trail

Is a connector trail from the southern limit of Flanders then by Booster and then connecting back to Bird.


TJ's Way

This is a connector trail from Booster Lake to the Bear trail.  This trail is in memory of TJ Wiebe. See